I am afraid. Yes, I am afraid of the damage that can be done by even four years of an Obama Presidency married to a Democrat legislative majority. The damage to our freedoms and our economy might long be felt. But I am scared of more than that. Yes, I am scared, very scared of the long term effects of one, two, or even three Obama appointees to the Supreme Court would have on unborn life for generations. This is my greatest fear and my greatest motivator to get out and vote tomorrow.

I also have smaller, more immediate fears. Fears of tomorrow night. Not just a fear that Obama will win, I have been trying to prepare for that possibility for some time, but a fear that the polls are completely wrong, but just not enough.

I am afraid that polls that show Obama in a landslide will prove off the mark. We would see tight race after tight race in states Obama should have won in a walk. McCain, for his part, thwarts the media hope to call the race early. McCain wins in Florida by 3 pts. McCain wins Ohio by 5. Virginia is a squeaker, but McCain holds on to the barest victory there as well. Pennsylvania, always a long shot goes to Obama. The race now comes down to a few western states. Colorado and Nevada. McCain wins Nevada by a few points but, to my horror loses Colorado by a single point handing the election to Obama.

This would be an unspeakable horror, not only because of the requisite heartbreak of losing a close election, but because we would lose more than just the election.

Even in this Obama victory, the landslide predictions would have been shattered. The explanation? Certainly not flawed polling but racism. Racism, alive and well in America, would be the story for weeks, months, or even longer. That is a real horror, they claim victory and racism at the same time. Please Lord, spare us this fate.

Such a victory would validate the Acorn and Obama credit fraud juggernaut win by cheating methodology. History is written by the victors and the obvious fraud would forgotten and purposely ignored in the media frenzy over the Obama victory, guaranteeing even greater fraud in the future. Please Lord, spare us this fate.

A victory by Obama with small margins would also make obvious how the conservative and pro-life in name only elitists helped to cost McCain this election. Noonan, Buckley, Parker, et al with with their calculating self promotion and snobbery cost us the election with death by a thousand little verbal cuts. But most of all, the Catholics who while ostensibly pro-life, could not hold their noses long enough to pull the trigger for McCain will have mightily contributed to electing the most virulently pro-death candidate ever to run for high office. Please Lord, spare us this fate.

These are my fears, but I am not resigned to them. The record here at CMR shows that I have never been a John McCain supporter. In the primary, I wanted anybody but John. But tomorrow I will vote for John McCain. I hope you do too. Vote, and perhaps we may yet be spared this horrible fate.