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A Pro-Life Horror Movie?

I’m reading that this is supposed to be a “pro-life horror movie” but the premise about “pregnant women kidnapped from abortion clinics and forced to give birth” doesn’t seem to be very pro-life to me. Let me know if this… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Malick’s “Tree of Life”

If you had told me that I’d ever see another movie with Sean Penn in it I’d have been pretty surprised but I am pumped to see Malick’s new movie “Tree of Life.” The always brilliant Fr. Barron has a… Continue Reading →

Laughably Bad Anti-Christian Movie

This movie has a few pretty well known actors so they clearly spent some money on this anti-Christian ridiculousness but perhaps they should’ve spent a little more on a good script. Is Hollywood interested in making money at all? Seriously…. Continue Reading →

‘Cause Jesus is Just Like Nudity and Drug Use

I don’t know exactly where we are as a culture but I’m pretty sure we can’t even see sane from where we are now. This story might be a good indicator as to where we’re heading though. Check out this… Continue Reading →

New Movie: Cristiada!

OK. This looks pretty darn awesome. A new movie starring Andy Garcia chronicling the Cristeros War (1926-1929), which was touched off by a rebellion against the Mexican government’s attempt to secularize the country. The film’s website is here. HT Matthew… Continue Reading →

This is Why The Internet Was Created

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself if the internet serves any beneficial purpose to society at all, here’s your answer. It doesn’t. But it can be really fun. This is exactly what ET the sequel would look like if Hollywood… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Exorcism Movies

HT Mary’s Aggies

Christian Bale to Play Heroic Priest

This looks pretty interesting. MTV reports: Bale will headline “Nanjing Heroes,” a period drama about the Massacre of Nanjing, also known as the”Rape of Nanking, from award-winning Chinese filmmaker Zhang Youmi (“Hero,” “Raise the Red Lantern”)… In the film, Bale… Continue Reading →

Parenting According to Monster Movies

In honor of Halloween I’m promulgating my long held theory on parenting informed by monster movies. When I was young and single I was King Kong. The King of all Monsters. Nobody messed with Kong. Nobody. Until…I fell in love…. Continue Reading →

New Movie About Opus Dei Founder

This has definitely piqued my interest. A movie about the founder of Opus Dei directed by Roland Joffe who made “The Mission.” I don’t know much about it though. Have you guys heard anything good or bad?

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