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Oh No Not Zombies Too!!!

It’s all coming apart right in front of me. All my favorite nightmares are being destroyed. Twilight made vampires the least scary creatures since Smurfs. Dude, they sparkled. The same series also destroyed werewolves because the dude made werewolf-itis Abercrombie… Continue Reading →

The Schlemiel Schlemazel Debacle

Hollywood is once again planning on extending its diseased covetous fingers back into my childhood memories to plunder and despoil them for their own malicious needs. The pealing bells that hearken me back to childhood are once again being perverted… Continue Reading →

Ebert’s Mad There’s a Heaven

I usually like Roger Ebert’s movie reviews. Usually. But one part of his review of “Lovely Bones” struck me as odd. He complains that there’s a heaven in the movie. Really. I’m not kidding. I don’t have much interest in… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Avatar: Hollywood’s Theology

Nature mysticism and politics…

Is “The Book of Eli” a Christian Movie?

You’ve probably seen the trailer for Denzel Washington’s latest movie. It seemed to me to be your basic post-apocalyptic violence soaked actioner. Now I love movies but I was definitely thinking this seemed like a cable movie. I like Denzel… Continue Reading →

Dreamcast the Attempted Murder

OK. Here’s the deal. You’ve got the manipulative married doctor who had an affair with his secretary. She becomes pregnant. She’s confused. She thought he loved her but now she’s unsure because he’s just acting so strangely lately. He urges… Continue Reading →

Horror Movies vs. Action Movies

I love going to the movies. I really do. I grew up in the suburbs with a movie theater within two miles and I used to walk there often alone. And I enjoy all sorts and manner of movie. Action,… Continue Reading →

Ebert Doesn’t Know what Pro-Life Means

The new movie “My Sister’s Keeper” deals with the phenomenon known as savior siblings. In the film, which was reviewed favorably by movie critic Roger Ebert, young Anna was brought into the world via in vitro fertilization, so that she… Continue Reading →

Vatican Newspaper Does Rope-a-Dope

Ron Howard has been trying to pick a fight with the Catholic Church for weeks, saying boo-hoo the mean old Catholic Church wouldn’t let me film in their churches and complaining that they tried to stop the premiere of the… Continue Reading →

Throw the Gun Or Run?

I’ve been thinking about evil. Hard not to sometimes if you’re reading the news. It seems to me there are different kinds of evil. There’s the guy who knows he’s committing evil and either just doesn’t care or gets a… Continue Reading →

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