It’s all coming apart right in front of me. All my favorite nightmares are being destroyed.

Twilight made vampires the least scary creatures since Smurfs. Dude, they sparkled. The same series also destroyed werewolves because the dude made werewolf-itis Abercrombie chic. “True Blood” made monsters soap opera characters.

But always left untouched in my memory were zombies. Oh sweet zombies. Until now…

Breitbart reports:

A “gay zombie porn” flick which shows aliens engaging in necrophilia has been pulled from Australia’s biggest film festival after being rejected by censors, organisers said Tuesday.

“L.A. Zombie”, which also features homosexual sex and full-frontal male nudity, is the first film in seven years to be banned from screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival, which starts on July 22…

Described… as a “video art zombie film”, “L.A. Zombie” stars French porn actor Francois Sagat as a man convinced he is an alien zombie sent to Earth to roam the streets of Los Angeles in search of dead bodies and gay sex.

You know, it took some getting used to when movie zombies started running but I was cool with it after a while. I think running zombies gave a real shot in the arm to movie-dom. I know some would argue that many of today’s zombies aren’t technically zombies even though they look dead and want to eat brains. For me, it’s close enough to fall under the same classification.

But gay necrophiliac artsy zombies? No. I’m afraid I have to draw the line.

This is all because our favorite monsters have fallen victim to an even more dreaded creature that devours all – the inclusiveness monster.

Vampire movies and shows are all about looking past the differences between us even if it means that vampires want to suck our blood and possibly turn us into the undead.

The HBO series “True Blood” has cast Christians as the villains because they’re trying to kill vampires who routinely kill humans. They’re lectured about acceptance and tolerance and defeated in the end.

This scenario creates an even worse nightmare in my head because now I’m supposed to live next to werewolves and vampires and just accept them until I’m torn apart or bled dry and left to die. And then even after I die to know that there are now necrophiliac zombies on the way? My nightmares are back.

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