OK. Here’s the deal. You’ve got the manipulative married doctor who had an affair with his secretary. She becomes pregnant. She’s confused. She thought he loved her but now she’s unsure because he’s just acting so strangely lately. He urges her to abort but as luck would have it he slept with the one adulteress woman who’s pro-life. He then slips her a mickey in order to kill the baby inside of her but the dame catches on in the nick of time.

This actually just happened. And it’s awful and everything but it just feels like a movie. Hitchcockian, maybe? There’s not a chance this kind of movie could be made because the baby lives in the end so Hollywood would consider that a sad ending. So we’ll just have to live with creating our own films in our mind.

So I’m asking you to dreamcast this debacle into a film. But here’s the trick. You have to dreamcast it on two levels. First you dreamcast it as a major motion picture. But in case that falls through you have to dreamcast it as a television movie of the week.

You got the evil manipulative doctor, the impregnated girlfriend who wants to keep the baby even though her boyfriend is married to another woman, and the Irish cop.

Here’s the details:

A senior doctor was found guilty Monday of trying to spike his pregnant lover’s drinks with pills in a failed bid to abort their unborn child.

Dr. Edward Erin, 44, put a potentially lethal combination of crushed up drugs into coffee and orange juice which he then served to Bella Prowse.

Erin, who is married, started an affair with Prowse, a 33-year-old secretary at the leading London hospital where they both worked, at a Christmas party just weeks before she fell pregnant.

Prowse went to police in February last year, saying she had found powder in the bottom of her cup and accusing Erin, who had earlier urged her to have an abortion. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy in September 2008.

Erin, who lives in London’s upmarket Kensington district, was found guilty on two charges of attempting to administer poison with intent to procure a miscarriage at the city’s Old Bailey court.

Asked during the trial if he had ever loved Prowse, Erin said: “It depends on how you define love. I had very strong emotions for her,” while admitting telling her that he “did not want to have a child with her at that time.”

He will be sentenced on November 16. Judge Richard Hone told him following the verdict: “A custodial sentence is virtually inevitable.”

Speaking afterwards, Detective Chief Inspector Mickey Gallagher of London’s Metropolitan Police said Erin held a string of high-profile medical jobs and had been a doctor for over 20 years.

“Yet having failed to persuade his girlfriend, Bella Prowse, to have an abortion, he has abused his profession and position of trust, used his medical knowledge to try and bring on a miscarriage,” he added.

“This was not a morality trial, but the nature of this case is unusual in that it is only the second of its type to be brought before the courts in the last 40 years.”

So if I’m casting this as an A-list movie? I’d go with Gwyneth Paltrow as the confused dame. Ben Affleck as the smarmy doc. And…hmmm…Jim Caviezel as the cop (just because I want to see him get more work)

Now if my funding falls through and it’s downgraded to a television movie of the week? Let’s say: Valerie Bertinelli as the confused dame, Ed Begley Jr as the smarmy doc, and Scott Baio as the cop just because I’m pretty sure we can get him on the cheap.

So let me know if you’ve got any dreamcasting thoughts.