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Pro-Life Movies?

Jill Stanek has asked for a little help and I bet you couch potatoes are just the group to help. Jill writes: I’ve been asked to make a presentation on pro-life movies or movies with abortion as a theme or… Continue Reading →

Thank Goodness, It’s Just a Movie!

The director of the new Terminator movie gave an interesting quote at the recent geek-fest of Comic-Con where he talks about why the machines are collecting humans: “Harvesters collect human beings and rip the stem cells out of them and… Continue Reading →

Killing? Rape? Fine. But No Smoking!

So, are you all geeked up about the upcoming “Watchmen” movie? Well this will warm your heart. You can feel safe that if you decide to bring your kids to the epic comic book movie they won’t learn to smoke…. Continue Reading →

You Cast Sarah Palin: The Movie!

In the great tradition of making movies that offend half the country, Hollywood is now considering making a movie about Sarah Palin. You just know this will be a fair and even handed, even loving portrait of the woman. A… Continue Reading →

Benjamin Gump Or Forrest Button?

The Curious Case of Forrest Gump – watch more funny videos This is pretty hilarious. It’s also pretty embarrassing for the folks who made the Benjamin Button movie. These two movies seem pretty darn similar and they’re written by the… Continue Reading →

New Movie About Abortion

This is the trailer for 22Weeks, a new movie based on a true story about a woman who went to an abortion clinic and while in the bathroom, the baby came out alive. The movie looks pretty horrifying to me…. Continue Reading →

Hitchcock: Crazed Monster or Catholic Moralist?

I never knew the great director Alfred Hitchcock was Catholic. I read an article today discussing how his Catholicism may have effected his movies. Was Hitchcock a sexual monster? Or was he, as the French film makers Rohmer and Chabrol… Continue Reading →

Trying to Kill Henry Poole

The reviews from people I know of the movie “Henry Poole is Here” have been positive. They call it “feel good” if a little predictable. But everyone I’ve spoken to really enjoyed it. HOWEVER, the critics seem to feel a… Continue Reading →

Henry Poole is Here And I’m There

I like feel-good movies. Sue me. I also like movies that don’t assume all Christians are either lunatics, secret albino monks, or racist homophobes. Henry Poole definitely seems like the kind of movie I want to see. Here’s the lead… Continue Reading →

X-Files is a Hateful Anti-Catholic Movie

I’ll admit it. I was an X-files fan. I mean, I didn’t go to any conventions or anything but I wanted Mulder to get to the truth behind his sister’s disappearance. And I actually cared whether Mulder and Scully got… Continue Reading →

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