I don’t know exactly where we are as a culture but I’m pretty sure we can’t even see sane from where we are now. This story might be a good indicator as to where we’re heading though.

Check out this story from OneNewsNow:

Each year, Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo runs commercials advertising its Easter service, and even designed one to run in movie theaters at a cost of several thousand dollars. Senior pastor Mike Fabarez says in order to do this, a contract had to be signed.

“Edwards Cinema, which is, I guess their agent is the Media Networks who runs all of their advertising, and they said it’s too controversial,” Fabarez says. “[They said] it uses the name of Jesus and so we’re not going to accept that ad.”

NCM Media Networks, which handles pre-show advertising for many theaters in Orange County, says it gave Fabarez content guidelines, which prohibit nudity, drug use, and promotion of religious figures. The pastor acknowledges having received those guidelines, but says the written contract included no prohibition of religious figures. He feels the decision is nothing short of hypocrisy.

“You can show movies and contract with movie companies and producers and show all kinds of things that use the name of Jesus in all kinds of pejorative ways and as expletives and everything else. You can enter into contracts about all kinds of controversial topics on the big screen — but when it comes to an ad that just asks the question, ‘Did Jesus rise from the dead? Come to our church and check it out,’ they said no,” Fabarez explains.

I just love that Jesus is lumped in with drug use and nudity, two things that pretty much 2/3 of movies glorify.

This is lunacy. And let’s face it, I’d bet they’d let an ad for an all nude crackhouse on their screens before they let a positive ‘Jesus’ reference slip in.