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PETA Less Efficient than Planned Parenthood

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals reportedly killed more than 95 per cent of animals in its care last year at a Virginia shelter, a shocking new report states. So PETA says they’re for the protection of animals but… Continue Reading →

PETA Ad Features Baby as Main Course for Thanksgiving

The nutjobs at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) always try to get noticed for how loony they’ve actually become. And let’s be honest, they do a good job at that. Well, this week, they’ve outdone themselves…. Continue Reading →

PETA Accuses NYTimes of Necrophilia

How awesome is that headline? The kicker is that it’s true. PETA, the animal rights organization that’s starting their own porn site, is accusing the New York Times of necrophilia for running this picture. The Atlantic Wire has the quote:… Continue Reading →

PETA’s Most Despicable Ad…in Weeks

The PETA people are crazy. And not even nice crazy but nasty crazy. That’s been well documented. Their recent despicable ad shows a graphic image of a shark attack and essentially calls it “payback.” What a bunch of jerks. To… Continue Reading →

PETA Ad: Papal Condoms

The crazies at PETA, who once compared chicken farms to the holocaust, are now using a photoshopped image of the Pope handing out condoms to encourage people to neuter their animals. I can’t even imagine what advantage can be gained… Continue Reading →

Monkeys Riding Dogs

No matter what kind of day you’re having, tell me it couldn’t be improved by a video of monkeys riding dogs. Just try and tell me that. Who doesn’t love the thought of dog riding capuchin monkeys? Who, I ask?… Continue Reading →

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