People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals reportedly killed more than 95 per cent of animals in its care last year at a Virginia shelter, a shocking new report states.

So PETA says they’re for the protection of animals but they kill 95 percent of the animals they can get their hands on. That’s some pretty high efficiency, if you ask me. But not when you compare it with Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is 97.6 percent of the services Planned Parenthood provides to pregnant women. That means 97.6 percent of the unborn children who go into Planned Parenthood don’t come out. Now that’s efficiency. Hey, it gives PETA something to strive for.

Both get high marks for their misleading names. While PETA claims to be helping animals they’re killing them and while Planned Parenthood claims to be about Parenthood, it kills babies. So on that they’re pretty closely matched.

Both also get high marks for the hypocrisy of taking on critics as not caring about animals or babies. PETA accuses critics of not caring about animals while Planned Parenthood shames its critics by accusing pro-lifers of only caring about in utero babies.

But in the end, Planned Parenthood wins out because let’s face it, they kill human beings while PETA kills animals. And not only does Planned Parenthood charge the mothers for killing the babies, they get taxpayer money to do it.

So this year’s diabolical champion is still Planned Parenthood. Better luck next year PETA.