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Lesbian Activist from Georgetown is Newest Obama Nominee

So when President Obama was thinking of nominating a hard-charging lesbian activist to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where else did he look but the faculty of the Jesuit Georgetown University. And make no mistake, this nominee spells major trouble… Continue Reading →

Polygamists Sue to Redefine “Couple”

A large group of polygamists announced today they intend to sue the government and dictionary makers to change the definition of the Word “Couple.” “For too long the term ‘couple’ has been narrowly defined as two people and that’s practically… Continue Reading →

The Polygamist Next Door

You’ve heard of them. They have been in the news lately. They seem like you and me. But they are a community within a community. But they are different. They do something that seems alien to us. Something anathema. I… Continue Reading →

Washington Post Asks: “Is Polyamory the Look of Modern Love?”

The Washington Post Loves Paolyamorous Relationships. In today’s Style section, the Washington Post has a love letter “news” piece on polyamorous relationships. Here’s a snippet: “Polyamory isn’t about sex, polys tell you. It is about love. It is about loving… Continue Reading →

Canada and Britain Already Subsidizing Polygamy

You know when you think about the fight to preserve marriage, you think how that fight is going to be a long drawn out one with fights for Supreme Court Justices. The arguments start with gay marriage and will ultimately… Continue Reading →

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