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Freed from Jail as It Conflicted with Sex Change

A loony judge in the UK has freed a convicted drug dealer from prison because it conflicts with his scheduled sex change operation. Oh wait, his taxpayer funded sex change operation. I Hate the Media reports: A transsexual drug dealer… Continue Reading →

Transsexual Murderer Sues for Electrolysis

A transsexual convicted killer is suing the Department of Correction to have taxpayers pay for a new round of electrolysis and a sex-change operation. Thankfully the response from officials so far has been something like “Uhhhm…NO.” The Boston Herald reports:… Continue Reading →

Finally: Free Condoms for Prison Rapists!!!

OK. I officially pronounce San Francisco County Jail’s San Bruno lockup the worst prison in the world for white collar criminals. Because some geniuses there just put free condom dispensers in each cell pod. Have at them white collar criminals,… Continue Reading →

Abortion -Yes. Mercy- No

The Supreme Court turned down an appeal Monday from a county sheriff who objects to transporting jail inmates for elective abortions. An Arizona sheriff wanted the justices to allow him to enforce a jail policy that bars transporting inmates for… Continue Reading →

Nuns In Jail

Here’s the best new reason yet to bring back Latin. Two nuns in India‚Äôs Mayurbhanj district were arrested on Saturday for allegedly making two non-Christian girls sing hymns in praise of Christ, according to the Christian Post. The arrests were… Continue Reading →

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