OK. I officially pronounce San Francisco County Jail’s San Bruno lockup the worst prison in the world for white collar criminals. Because some geniuses there just put free condom dispensers in each cell pod.

Have at them white collar criminals, boys. If you’re in prison for tax evasion or money laundering your world just got a little darker today.

They’re going to rape anyway so we might as well make it safe rape. Honest to goodness that’s the logic of the liberal nutjobs there.

How about…I don’t know…trying to actually stop the raping that’s going on behind bars? Crazy idea, right?

San Francisco Gate reports:

“It may be controversial,” Sheriff Michael Hennessey said, “but I think the larger health education message is important.”

As for the chance that all those machines will actually promote jailhouse sex?

The sex already takes place, says Kate Monico Klein, who is directing the program for the city’s Public Health Department. “If (providing condoms) saves one or two lives, it’s worth it,” she said.

Is she for real?

Gonorrhea ridden prisoners are going to put condoms on before forcibly raping their accountant cell mate? Because they care? Really?

Side bet: How long until someone’s suffocated to death in that prison because a condom was pulled over his head? Weeks?

I’m afraid I’m with Charlton on this one. It’s not a prison…