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An Immodest Proposal

As many of you probably read somewhere, an ESPN sportscaster had her privacy invaded when someone filmed her changing her clothes in the privacy of her hotel room. The video was released online and created quite an uproar when the… Continue Reading →

NY Mets Too Big To Fail?

The New York Mets are suffering a stunning late season collapse once again. Leading by three games just a week ago, they are now a game-and-a half behind the first place Phillies and without a drastic change, the Mets could… Continue Reading →

Suffering from Electile Dysfunction?

Are you suffering from Electile Dysfunction? Is your vote just not getting it done?No matter how hard you nominate, do weak and watered down candidates just keep getting ahead? I understand. This is difficult for me to admit but I… Continue Reading →

Hillary Pleads to Keep Race out of the Race

This is the ad Hillary wishes she could make.

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