As many of you probably read somewhere, an ESPN sportscaster had her privacy invaded when someone filmed her changing her clothes in the privacy of her hotel room.

The video was released online and created quite an uproar when the New York Post ran the photos with black bars over her in some areas. Many other news outlets reported on the video and the photos but issued warnings to readers that searching for the photos could prove hazardous to their computers as many hackers set up websites designed to lure people in to infect their computers.

OK. Let me get this straight. People are doing something sexual related they shouldn’t necessarily be doing and getting a virus from it. Hmmm…this sounds awfully familiar to me.

I think it’s time the government stepped in.

The government should be handing out free anti-virus software for everyone’s computer due to the recent epidemic outbreak of porn relating to the ESPN sportscaster. These software packages are “nearly” 100 percent effective. Perhaps we could hand them out in high schools and Radio Shacks to anyone and everyone – no questions asked. And don’t you religious nuts say that the anti-virus software will only incite people to go searching for porn because study after study from liberal think tanks have conclusively shown that it doesn’t no matter what all the other studies show.

But if handing out anti-virus software proves too expensive for the government in these economically challenging times perhaps the government should establish it’s own safe and secure website where those who wish to view the pictures and video of the ESPN sportscaster can view it without having their computers infected or harmed in any way. No age requirement either. We must protect the children from viruses too. We can’t have them out there searching for it. That would be dangerous. They’re going to do it anyway so why not just make it safe?

Even if these government programs only lead to more porn usage by children and the populace at large please remember that we had to do something. We couldn’t just not act. We didn’t even have time to read the bill in its entirety. And I’m sure we can always fix it with more government programs.

Please take this immodest proposal in the way it was intended. Remember, it’s all about the children.