Are you suffering from Electile Dysfunction?

Is your vote just not getting it done?
No matter how hard you nominate, do weak and watered down candidates just keep getting ahead?

I understand. This is difficult for me to admit but I suffer from Electile Dysfunction. As a Republican, I wanted someone for President who, at least, agreed with me most of the time and didn’t look down on my views. I really wanted a strong nominee but alas I ended up with a wrinkled little war hero who mocks me.

I suffer from Electile Dysfunction.

But Democrats have it even worse. They’re excited for hope and change but no matter how many times they vote they still don’t know if it’s going to happen. And the more they find out they’re not even sure if they want hope and change anymore.


This new national epidemic, Electile Dysfunction, can lead to apathy, depression, anger, yelling at odd times at anyone who disagrees with you, banging on your keyboard, throwing bricks at your television, talking back to your radio, and grumbling to oneself about moving to another country.

One cure is to look on the bright side -at least you don’t live in Michigan of Florida.