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What About This Jefferson Quote?

You know how libs are always screaming about the separation of church and state in the Constitution? And you know how we always remind them that it’s not actually there. It’s in a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote. And in that… Continue Reading →

Court Refuses Case on NYC Ban on Churches

This is disappointing. The United States Supreme Court has refused to hear a case concerning clear religious discrimination, according to The Blaze. As you probably know public schools are often used by other groups after hours and on weekends. One… Continue Reading →

Maryland Town Ousts Prayer and Pledge

They fear God, they fear Christianity, they fear Christians because they know the only thing that can derail their freedom sucking, pro-death, collectivist schemes is Christianity. Therefore, secularist liberals will do whatever it takes to remove God, Christianity, and Christians… Continue Reading →

Painting of a Surfing Virgin Mary Worth Saving?

This painting which we’ll call “Our Lady of Hanging Five” was put on a wall illegally. It’s graffiti and it’s just plain ol’ dopey if you ask me. But that hasn’t stopped government officials from spending thousands of dollars in… Continue Reading →

Court: NYC Can Ban Churches from Schools

Overturning a lower court ruling, a federal appeals court ruled that New York City can ban churches from using public school facilities for Sunday worship services. I personally didn’t know that churches used public facilities but, according to the article… Continue Reading →

Say “Amen” and Go Directly to Jail

Freedom of speech is DOA in the USA folks. A federal judge has ruled that nobody at a high school graduation can use religious terms like “prayer” and “Amen.” So, remember that whole thing about “Congress shall make no law… Continue Reading →

ACLU: Cover Up that Cross!

The ACLU treats Jesus like a sex offender on school grounds. No, actually I think the ACLU is all for allowing molesters to stand on top of the monkey bars handing out candy at recess. So actually, the ACLU treats… Continue Reading →

High School Says No Christian Clubs

A high school Principal on Long Island has refused to allow a group of students to form a Christian club. Wait ’til you see what the Principal said. Todd Starnes of Fox Radio reports: “The principal said, ‘I don’t want… Continue Reading →

Jesus is the New Peanut Butter

My kids can’t bring Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school anymore because there’s a kid who’s “nut intolerant” or something. I don’t want a kid to get sick so I’m cool with it. But I’m thinking that Jesus is… Continue Reading →

ACLU Outraged Students Pray Before Test

You wanna’ know one of Matt’s rules of thumb. If the ACLU is outraged, Matt is happy 99.99% of the time. Weasel Zippers reports: The left’s never-ending war on Christianity continues unabated. (Baltimore Sun) — A Baltimore principal’s decision to… Continue Reading →

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