You wanna’ know one of Matt’s rules of thumb. If the ACLU is outraged, Matt is happy 99.99% of the time.

Weasel Zippers reports:

The left’s never-ending war on Christianity continues unabated.

(Baltimore Sun) — A Baltimore principal’s decision to use prayer in preparation for recent statewide tests is drawing criticism as improperly mixing religion and public education.

For two years, prayer services have been held at Northeast Baltimore’s Tench Tilghman Elementary/Middle School as the Maryland School Assessments, a standardized test for third through eighth grades, neared. Fliers promoted the most recent event, on March 5, as a way to “come together, as one, in prayer and ask God to bless our school to pass the MSA.”

Gasp! Praying?! Now, if the Principal had told them about the joys of man/boy love or handed out condoms to kindergartners the ACLU would be fine with that.

When did the separation of church and state come to mean the stamping out of religion? Here’s the thing -even if you have some lunatic view that the Constitution demands that nobody receiving public funding can mention God, a big problem we’re facing is that the government keeps growing and inserting itself into every facet of our lives thereby limiting the number of people who can even mention God.

This is why I send my kids to Catholic school, so they can pray before tests. And if you’ve seen my kids report cards you’d understand that they should be praying before tests. A lot.

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