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What’s a “Moderate American?”

The New York Times published a news article on Nancy Pelosi’s decision to allow the Stupak amendment to come up for a vote. Their phraseology leads to a few questions. In the end, Ms. Pelosi decided that abortion opponents would… Continue Reading →

Safe, Legal and Rare. And Funded!

Pro-choice Democrat Rep. John Yarmuth was in a difficult position last night on Chris Matthews’ Hardball. This is interesting because it marks the first time a Democrat has felt uncomfortable on MSNBC since Bill Clinton said something negative about Barack… Continue Reading →

Pro-Life Stupak Says He’d Vote for Obamacare

Well that was quick. You see, for a few hours today I believed in the existence of moderate Democrats. I really did. For years I thought of moderate Democrats as similar to Bigfoot and Chupacabra. Sure, other people said they… Continue Reading →

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