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Swedish Meatfalls

Nobody was hurt so don’t get mad at me. MSNBC reports: As a Weight Watchers group gathered for a routine weigh-in, the dieters got an idea of how far they still had to go: The floor underneath them collapsed, a… Continue Reading →

Help! I Am Being Repressed!

You have to love liberals who take their silly beliefs to their logical extremes. You just cannot put a price on the entertainment value. At the top of liberal Europe is liberal Sweden. Socialist Utopia. At the heart of liberal… Continue Reading →

Meatballs, IKEA, and Abortion

Meatballs, IKEA, and Abortion. These are the great contributions of Sweden to the modern world. I, unlike Sweden, am in favor of a persons right to choose. I am personally opposed to IKEA furniture but I respect an individuals right… Continue Reading →

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