Meatballs, IKEA, and Abortion. These are the great contributions of Sweden to the modern world. I, unlike Sweden, am in favor of a persons right to choose. I am personally opposed to IKEA furniture but I respect an individuals right to purchase the ugly furnishings. Sweden is not so liberal.

Sweden has announced that it plans to sever aid to several countries that oppose its pro-abortion policy, including Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Peru. Apparently Sweden does not respect the right to choose for foreign countries, at least when they choose life.

While Sweden does not forthrightly admit the reason for cutting off aid, a Nicaraguan newspaper has cited sources that say that reveal Swedish intent. “The announcement is for the purpose of seeing if the debate over therapeutic abortion will be reopened again,” the newspaper was told.

Two representatives in the Nicaraguan congress, Alba Placios and Wilfredo Navarro, accused the Swedish ambassador, Eva Zetterberg, of trying to use Sweden’s foreign aid program to force abortion on the country

“The Swedes have been exerting pressure and conditioning all of their aid on meddling, principally the ambassador Eva Zetterberg…The basis for removing Swedish aid is the topic of abortion. Zetterberg is an open sponsor of abortion in Nicaragua.” said Navarro.

The Swedish diplomatic corps in Nicaragua has repeatedly hinted to Nicaragua that continuing its policy of prohibiting abortions would jeopardize foriegn aid assistance from the country. Last year, when legislators were debating a new law that would make all direct abortions illegal, Zetterberg joined other ambassadors and leaders from United Nations agencies in urging the government not to pass the legislation. Zetterberg herself went to the Nicaraguan Congress to witness the vote, which was seen by some as an act of intimidation.

This is shameful behavior by Sweden. Perhaps if Sweden is so determinded to make abortion one of their top exports, we should evaluate whether we should buy their other exports. For my part, I will not be driving my Volvo to Ikea for meatballs any time soon.