Meatballs, IKEA, and Abortion
——Sweden does not respect the right to choose.

Summorum in Santa Rosa
——Bishop Walsh reacts to the motu proprio.

Yeah! Prayerful Reflection. That’s the Ticket!
——Creighton President channels Jon Lovitz?

Jesus is the New Cigarette
——Pastor fired because people got a whiff of ‘Secondhand Jesus.’

Catholic Church-A-Day: Chicago
——D Mac’s first in a series on the Churches of Chicago.

UN Lying About AIDS
——UN lies to get funds, then corrects figures. Shameless.

Stupidest Headline of the Day!
——This from the Associated Press: “Abortion may be forced in China.” May be? I understand reporters must be objective but it doesn’t mean putting their heads in the sand, does it? Hundreds of heartbreaking testimonies have escaped that country. How long are we going to play this game?

Pope set for weekend visit to Loreto
—— Vatican, Aug. 31, 2007 ( – Pope Benedict XVI will travel to Loreto, Italy this weekend for a gathering of young Italian Catholics.

Men Swear off Toe-Tapping in Public Restrooms
——Be very still in the bathroom from now on!