You have to love liberals who take their silly beliefs to their logical extremes. You just cannot put a price on the entertainment value.

At the top of liberal Europe is liberal Sweden. Socialist Utopia. At the heart of liberal Sweden is liberal Stockholm. In Stockholm resides the latest uber-liberal to take her herself and her kooky ideas way too seriously.

Meet Yvonne Hallin, a Lutheran Church vicar in Stockholm. She is upset and she is doing something about it. She will no longer tolerate the sexist oppression that surrounds us and that regularly treats women as mere property. She has taken a noble stand against these horrible sexist oppressors. Who are these monsters? Well, fathers of course.

What has the Rev. Yvonne’s panties in a bunch? Fathers who walk their daughters down the aisle. I know, it is almost too much to bear.

Couples who marry “are equal when it comes to finances, politics, values … but when they come to the church … the woman suddenly turns into a man’s property,” Hallin said. Now if you think that this is just one kook, think again. She has got the rest of the kooks jumpin’ on the crazy bandwagon to the consternation of unsuspecting brides.

The decision caused consternation in the bride’s family. The mother of the bride, who chose not to be named, said it was an old tradition in her family for the bride to be walked down the aisle.

“I think my daughter can decide for herself how she wants to do it. She’s thirty years old and is extremely aware of equality issues,” she told news agency TT.

But church authorities are adamant that it was not suitable for a woman to be given away.

“This symbolizes that the father is the owner of the daughter and that he is giving her away to her new owner,” said Rev Eva Brunne, diocesan dean and assistant to Bishop of Stockholm Caroline Krook.

Wow. I wonder if my wife (a.k.a my property) knows how horribly she was repressed lo those many years ago. I think I will go ask her. She is currently barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.