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Call Me Ebenezer

*subhead*Taxes.*subhead* The other day the doorbell rang. Upon opening the door, I found two adorable girls, around age ten, asking me to support their cause by purchasing raffle tickets or magazines or some such. I quickly and forcefully said, “NO… Continue Reading →

Fox Paid $4.8 Billion in Taxes, MSNBC $0

This story at the Daily Mail is actually worse than the headline even indicates. Fox paid $4.8 billion in taxes, MSNBC $0 OK, the headline is misleading. The parent company of Fox News — News Corp. — paid the U.S…. Continue Reading →

Riot at Cowboy Poetry Festival

Millions of dollars in taxpayer funding allocated for the Cowboy Poetry festival sparked off a riot reminiscent of Madison Wisconsin recently. Pastoral poets and haiku writers exhibited their anger, despair, and woe that cowboy poets received federal funding while they… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Fraud?

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood is being forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to Washington state following an audit. Sounds a bit like fraud to me. Can you imagine that people who kill babies for a living might lso… Continue Reading →

Public Funds for Gay Bars

You want THE most outrageous story of the day this has got to be it. The state of Arkansas is funding a gay bar. Seriously. Tolbert Report: A non-profit organization called “Brotha’s and Sistah’s Inc.” (B&S) applied for and received… Continue Reading →

Let’s Tax Abortion

Liberals think they can tell people how to live. To micromanage individual lives they invent macro reasons like saying that one person’s health decisions effects the financial health of all. Keep in mind, of course, that with the advance of… Continue Reading →

Taxing Life to Fund Death

The state of California has long been driving at unsafe speeds towards the cliffs of fiscal insanity. Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger came in and just stepped on the gas a little harder. Now, instead of searching for spending reductions to… Continue Reading →

Whose Money Is It?

Ray D. Madoff is a professor of Law at Boston College. Professor Madoff, in a NYT op-ed, is upset that people, other than him, get to decide where they want to donate their money. Actually, Madoff doesn’t really think that… Continue Reading →

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