Liberals think they can tell people how to live. To micromanage individual lives they invent macro reasons like saying that one person’s health decisions effects the financial health of all. Keep in mind, of course, that with the advance of a socialistic economy the government will have increased opportunity to tax out of existence any proclivities you have which the government deems to be harmful to the financial well being of society.

Liberals have instituted heavy punishing taxes on cigarettes because the medical costs necessary to keep smokers alive is prohibitive.

Liberals are attempting to tax fatty foods because heavier people often have health issues which we all end up paying for.

So if the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and financial considerations are paramount, why aren’t we taxing abortions at a high rate? Let’s face it the death of an unborn baby effects us all financially. One less baby equals one less grownup paying taxes to pay off our skyrocketing deficit. One less baby means one less working person supporting three or four seniors on social security.

Right now, as the baby boomer generation crawls into retirement, the government requires more revenue for Social Security and Medicare. How do we get more tax revenue? More people.

So the death of the unborn could be a looming financial crisis to all those old, fat and smoking baby boomers. So this voluntary procedure is effecting the financial health of us all in a negative way, shouldn’t the same logic be applied here?

Shouldn’t we be taxing abortion? Maybe we could even label it a “sin tax” or would that be too obvious?