Abortion giant Planned Parenthood is being forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to Washington state following an audit. Sounds a bit like fraud to me. Can you imagine that people who kill babies for a living might lso be guilty of fraud?

Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest will pay the state $345,000 after settling a 2009 audit that uncovered the clinic used incorrect codes and provided insufficient documentation for some claims billed to Medicaid.

The original audit finding estimated the Spokane family-planning organization improperly billed Medicaid more than $629,000 for 333 patient procedures from March 2004 through February 2007…

Planned Parenthood appealed and a compromise was reached with the state “without any admission of incorrect billing, documentation of payment,” according the Department of Social and Health Services.

We’re all supposed to believe that that this was just a few hundred thousand honest mistakes? You know, Planned Parenthood would probably be able to keep their books straighter if they had some more taxpayer funding.