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Caviezel in new JJ Abrams Pilot for CBS

Here’s a reason to many of you to set your DVR’s.The Wrap reports: James Caviezel, known for his title role in the Mel Gibson epic “The Passion of the Christ,” has come aboard the upcoming CBS pilot “Person of Interest,”… Continue Reading →

Pro-Life American Idol

Great find from Kathryn Lopez at The Corner. For all the great work done in the Catholic blogosphere sometimes I wonder if Kathryn Lopez might be the best Ctholic blogger out there. Anyway, here’s a touching story from American Idol… Continue Reading →

Vatican, Discovery Channel Team Up for Exorcism Show?

If you were to read this news article you’d think the Vatican was producing a re-enactment show about exorcisms. But it’s just people making yet another show recreating supernatural type stories with really bad actors are saying that they got… Continue Reading →

Charlie Brown is a Miracle

Charlie Brown is amazing mostly because after all the abuse and derision he took he didn’t eventually bring a gun to school, take out half the cafeteria, help himself to a few extra meatballs over the cowering lunch lady, and… Continue Reading →

Vatican Newspaper: Homer is Catholic

This drives me crazy for two reasons. I haven’t seen the actual piece but L’Osservatore Romano seems to have declared that Homer Simpson is Catholic. I know. I’m getting this from the MSM so it’s possible it’s being misreported but… Continue Reading →

PSA Scares Latinos To Vote

Houston Votes “Policeman” from Curiosity Shoppe on Vimeo. Houston Votes receives its funding from Texans Together which has received funding from the federal government including grants for Americorps workers. So to make this clear -the federal government is funding an… Continue Reading →

TV Got a Lot Worse This Week

My kids like the show the television show “Wipeout.” You know, it’s the one where regular people bounce, jump and duck their way through an obstacle course over a pool. There’s a lot of people getting bonked, boofed, and bammed… Continue Reading →

NARAL Mouthpiece: “I’m Rooting for an Abortion.”

Maya Dusenberry writes for RH Reality Check. I guess she watches a lot of television too because she’s spending her Friday nights rooting for a fake abortion of a pretend character on a television show. Dusenberry writes: I’m rooting for… Continue Reading →

Girls With CF Sing on America’s Got Talent

Here’s your Must See Video of the Day. Two girls with cystic fibrosis were told they’d never be able to sing. They proved the doctors wrong on America’s Got Talent. And how! Thanks and a H/T to Mary Meets Dolly… Continue Reading →

Gilligan’s Island and the 7 Deadly Sins

If I described to you a hit television show with deep Christian underpinnings and hidden meanings about a bunch of people being stranded on a strange island which had some audience speculating that the characters were in “Hell,” what show… Continue Reading →

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