Maya Dusenberry writes for RH Reality Check. I guess she watches a lot of television too because she’s spending her Friday nights rooting for a fake abortion of a pretend character on a television show. Dusenberry writes:

I’m rooting for an abortion.

There’s sure to be an exciting football game in this week’s episode of Friday Night Lights (which has already aired on DirecTV but airs on NBC on Friday), but it’s the outcome of Becky’s pregnancy, not the game, that I’ll be interested in tonight.

In last week’s episode, 15-year-old Becky found out she was pregnant and is considering an abortion. If she has one tonight, it will be one of only a few abortions shown on network television since Bea Arthur’s Maude had one back in 1972. That would be a victory for Becky—and the millions of women like her who choose abortion every year.

Maya is a communications specialist for NARAL in New York so I would just wonder when is she not rooting for abortion? Doesn’t her entire job depend on women getting abortions?

Friday Night Lights is a well written show which has treated religion pretty fairly over the years, even having the “Our Father” prayed before a football game. What they decide to do with their character is up to them.

But Dusenberry writes that she’s sick and tired of there not being enough abortions on television since the television show “Maude” (Let’s face it, the only shocking thing about Maude getting an abortion was that someone got Maude pregnant.) But many television shows since “Maude” have made a business decision that having a character get an abortion would likely decrease viewership so they make business decision not to do so. Morality has nothing to do with it, it’s business. Hey kinda’ like NARAL.

Oh and one more thing if you like abortions on screen so much why don’t you like ultrasounds?