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Noted Supporter of Baby Killing Also a Robber

CMR Schadenfreude alert! CMR Schadenfreude alert! Who’d a thunk that a woman who makes her living promoting infanticide would have morality issues when it came to stealing. I mean, who could possibly have seen this coming? The former president of… Continue Reading →

Awesome! Pro-Lifers Take Over NARAL Site

NARAL put out a call for people to send in a pic, a message, a sign of their pro-abort zealotry. They said they wanted to put a face to their cause or some such thing. Here it is: But it… Continue Reading →

NARAL Mouthpiece: “I’m Rooting for an Abortion.”

Maya Dusenberry writes for RH Reality Check. I guess she watches a lot of television too because she’s spending her Friday nights rooting for a fake abortion of a pretend character on a television show. Dusenberry writes: I’m rooting for… Continue Reading →

NARAL’s Hall of Fame

You thought the baseball Hall of Fame had image problems get a load of the NARAL Hall of Fame inductees which has announced it’s incoming class. And late-term abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart, whose clinic is under investigation, made the cut…. Continue Reading →

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