CMR Schadenfreude alert! CMR Schadenfreude alert!

Who’d a thunk that a woman who makes her living promoting infanticide would have morality issues when it came to stealing. I mean, who could possibly have seen this coming?

The former president of Naral Pro-Choice New York, a leading abortion-rights group, pleaded guilty Wednesday to charging the nonprofit for personal expenses and agreed to pay back $75,000 in a bid to avoid jail time.

Kelli Conlin, 53 years old, entered the guilty plea in State Supreme Court in Manhattan after being charged with one count of falsifying business records.

Conlin conceded that in July 2009, she submitted a $30,000 bill for a summer rental in the Hamptons on Long Island, when the actual cost of the rental was $17,000. In addition, Conlin admitted that there was no board-authorized purpose for the house to begin with. She also claimed personal meals, child-care costs, car-service expense and clothing purchases as business expenses.

Yes, those summer homes in the Hamptons can get a bit pricey, eh? She needed a little extra cash on the side to get the Hampton crowd girl-drink-drunk on Appletinis.

Hey, those poor NARAL folks probably shudder when they think of all the abortions they could’ve promoted with that money that was wasted on a stupid summer home. Please remember, NARAL is the victim here.