You thought the baseball Hall of Fame had image problems get a load of the NARAL Hall of Fame inductees which has announced it’s incoming class.

And late-term abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart, whose clinic is under investigation, made the cut. Woot. Woot! NARAL (who I’m not linking to) writes:

Hall of Fame 2009: Dr. LeRoy Carhart: Even in the face of continued harassment and threats, Dr. LeRoy Carhart, an abortion provider in Nebraska, isn’t giving up. Operation Rescue and other anti-choice groups have increased their protests outside his health center to block women’s access to safe, legal care. We salute Dr. Carhart’s steadfast commitment to women’s health, and he deserves your consideration for winning the Hall of Fame of the year.

So mad kudos to inductee Carhart for his lockstep marching under the banner of dehumanization.

The folks at Operation Rescue wrote:

“It is hard to believe that even radical abortion proponents would do anything but slink away in shame from Carhart and his disreputable and shoddy abortion business,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is shameful that NARAL would endanger women by misleading them about Carhart to advance their political agenda. If they truly cared about women, they should be warning women to stay away from him.”

Events generated by Operation Rescue’s campaign prompted several of Carhart’s own employees to come forward to tell The Omaha World-Herald of illegal practices and dangerous conditions at Carhart’s Bellevue, Nebraska, abortion clinic, including allegations that drugs were missing and surgical instruments were filthy. Three of these women have submitted sworn affidavits detailing their allegations to the Nebraska Attorney General.

NARAL also neglected to mention other shame-worthy Carhart news:

· Carhart was caught by pro-lifers illegally operating his abortion clinic on a generator and extension cord after a fire caused by his own slovenly storage practices gutted the garage portion of his run-down abortion building. He was reported to authorities who immediately ordered him to close until the unsafe conditions could be addressed.

· After a brief petition launched by Operation Rescue, Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas, said it would not extend hospital privileges or a transfer agreement to Carhart should he attempt to reopen a late-term abortion mill in the Wichita area.

· Carhart was forced to abandon announced plans for a late-term abortion clinic in Kansas when he was unable to secure facilities or support.

· Carhart admits that his Bellevue abortion clinic does not show a profit and that he has failed to draw more than a small fraction George Tiller’s late-term abortion business to his Nebraska clinic.

· Operation Rescue documented that Carhart was responsible for most of the frequent abortion injuries that required emergency hospitalization in Kansas, including the third-trimester abortion death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert.

Think about this. The reason NARAL is hyping Carhart is because he’s outspokenly willing to perform late term abortions. Think about that. You’re awarding someone because of their willingness to rip late-term babies apart. Think about that giving an award to them.