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The Ultrasound as a Weapon?

An executive director of a Community Pregnancy Center named Candice Keller said in the Middletown Journal that she believed that having an ultrasound machine on-site may keep many women from having an abortion. That’s far from shocking but the number… Continue Reading →

Move Along, Nothing to See In The Womb

Stop looking in the womb! And don’t listen to the heartbeat! There’s nothing in there but a blob of tissue! That’s all! Move along. Nothing to see here. As us anti-science troglodyte conservative types embrace 21st century technology, liberals are… Continue Reading →

The ‘Blob of Tissue’ Era is Officially Over

You know how us Christian types are always trying to shut down science. (Insert evil laugh here) So why is it that we’re the ones always embracing new technology and scientific breakthroughs when it comes to babies in the womb…. Continue Reading →

Microscopic-American Rights

Aren’t Christians the ones who are supposed to be afraid of science? Aren’t us religious nuts the ones who want to bring back the Dark Ages? Then why is it that Christians are the ones embracing science when it comes… Continue Reading →

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