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Them Some Darn Good Lookin’ Teachers

This school district better have the best looking teachers in America. Here’s evidence #1 why public sector unions are doing great damage to our country. The Atlantic reports: In Buffalo, New York, the heart of the American rust-belt, the public… Continue Reading →

Union Thug Declares War on GOP, Obama Thanks Him

So here’s union thug Jimmy Hoffa declaring war on Republicans and threatening to “take these sons of b#tches out.” And now here’s President Barack “New Civility” Obama taking the stage shortly after. Obama not only ignores what Hoffa outrageously said… Continue Reading →

Let’s Unionize Planned Parenthood!!!

Conservatives for years have dreamed of defunding the biggest abortion provider in the country. Lila Rose and the Live Action gang has done several videos showing them to be a corrupt organization that covers up rape. The SBA-List has campaigned… Continue Reading →

Christie Protestors Sing “Sent to Auschwitz”

If liberals couldn’t refer to Nazis they’d have absolutely nothing to say. As Zip wrote, “Someone should remind these people that a million Jews were gassed to death at Auschwitz and comparing it to having their taxpayer-funded pensions reduced during… Continue Reading →

Gov. Scott Walker to Defund Planned Parenthood

I’m loving this guy. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, fresh from picking the remains of labor union carcass from his knuckles and teeth, is now expected to pick a fight with the other sacred cow of the Democrat Party – Planned… Continue Reading →

Union Leader: “War” on “Adolf Christie”

I don’t know what’s worse. NJ union leader Chris Shelton calling Gov. Chris Christie “Adolf Christie” in a speech after welcoming the crowd to “Nazi Germany.” Or saying that “It took World War II to get rid of the last… Continue Reading →

D.C. Teachers Caught Cheating

Last month there were stories that standardized test scores in elementary schools in Washington D.C. skyrocketed. Now, normally you’d say Hooray but it turns out that at least three teachers have cheated. This is bad news for the children in… Continue Reading →

Real Collective Bargaining – Elections

Let me quote the innocuous Ann Coulter regarding government unions. It used to be widely understood that collective bargaining has no place in government employment. In 1937, the American president beloved by liberals, FDR, warned that collective bargaining “cannot be… Continue Reading →

7 Reasons the March for Life is Better Than Wisconsin Protests

There’s all this fawning press about this amazing group of protesters in Wisconsin. I decided to compare that protest with the March for Life. And I’ve come up with: 7 Reasons the March for Life is better. 1) They say… Continue Reading →

Sanctuary!!!!! Sanctuary!!!!

In perhaps the strangest turn in the weirdest story of the year, clergy from Illinois are offering sanctuary to Democrats who fled Wisconsin to avoid upsetting their union overlords, says the Lacrosse Tribune. Seriously? Could this story get any weirder?… Continue Reading →

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