There’s all this fawning press about this amazing group of protesters in Wisconsin. I decided to compare that protest with the March for Life. And I’ve come up with:

7 Reasons the March for Life is better.

1) They say the crowds are huge in Wisconsin at about 25,000 but the March for Life is more than ten times that size.

2) Unions make up about 11.9% of Americans. Pro-lifers are about 50%. So Ha!

3) Pro-lifers show up knowing they’re not going to get any media attention. Unions show up because they know that when one or more are gathered in the union name the media will be there.

4) Union members brag that they forced Democrats to leave the state. Ha! The March for Life chased the President of the United States (George W. Bush) out of D.C. for eight straight years because he didn’t want to be seen with them. Now that’s power!!!!

5) We both say it’s about the children. But which one’s really about the children. Come on. Really?

6) Who would you rather hang with?

7) Let’s face it, if the unborn could pay union dues we wouldn’t need a March for Life.