I’m loving this guy. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, fresh from picking the remains of labor union carcass from his knuckles and teeth, is now expected to pick a fight with the other sacred cow of the Democrat Party – Planned Parenthood. This guy is just taking on all comers. What could this guy possibly do next to impress -beat Harry Reid with Sheila Jackson Lee’s arms?

Walker is expected to sign a budget bill on Tuesday, making Wisconsin the fourth state to defund the abortuary. (Indiana, Kansas and North Carolina did so earlier this year.) Do you realize how much liberals hate Scott Walker right now? This trend of the states doing what the feds so miserably failed to do is awesome and it’s good for the country to bring some power back to the states. The days of us waiting for Washington to do something good is over. Make the fight on our own turf.

Now, of course, Planned Parenthood went crying to their favorite spot in the world -the courts- from which all liberal goods derive. Planned Parenthood, along with Obama’s Department of Justice, is arguing that the states need to send the money to Planned Parenthood because they say so. We’ll see.

This fight is crucial. My new motto is: Federalism. It’s not just for rednecks anymore.