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Month June 2011

Another Planned Parenthood Smackdown

The Susan B. Anthony List goes after Planned Parenthood like it’s their job. ‘Cause it kinda’ is. But they seem to really enjoy their work. The SBA List has been at the forefront of the Defund Planned Parenthood movement and… Continue Reading →

Yes, You Really Do Hate God

Last week after the NBC pledge of allegiance debacle, Missouri congressman and Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin said this. Akin: This was something that was done systematically, it was done intentionally, and is tremendously corrosive in terms of all of… Continue Reading →

Patrick On The Radio Discussing Gay Marriage

Please listen if you can to Dennis O’Donovan’s radio show “Religion, Politics and the Culture” tonight at 8 p.m. EST. I will be addressing the passing of the gay marriage bill in NY and its ramifications. Listen here and feel… Continue Reading →

This is the Pro-Choice Movement?

Pro-lifers in New York held a prayer vigil outside a Brooklyn abortuary so, of course, pro-choice protestors protested the protest. Does that make sense? The Brooklyn Pro-Choice Network called in a few nutty groups like Church Ladies for Choice and… Continue Reading →

Swedish Goofballs

Here is your daily dose of the ridiculous from a society intent on killing itself. A pre-school in Sweden has decided to stop calling children ‘him’ or ‘her’ in a bid to avoid gender stereotypes. The Egalia preschool, in the… Continue Reading →

Eucharistic Adoration Flash Mob

This is pretty awesome: HT Courageous Priest

Where Was the Church on Gay Marriage?

In the gay marriage debate all the passion seems to be on the other side. People on our side are too busy caveating every argument with “I’m not anti-gay…” Here’s a rule – the side with the most caveats loses…. Continue Reading →

Should Catholics Marry Young?

The litany of things in which Catholics are no different from the culture at large is as vast as the number of consonants in an Icelandic phone book. As we watch the destruction of marriage in the US proceed vote… Continue Reading →

Really? Hmmmm.

Money quote: She hasn’t even officially announced her presidential campaign yet, but already Rep. Michele Bachmann is virtually tied with Mitt Romney in the 2012 Iowa caucus polling season. Wow. And. And. There is this… WASHINGTON — Rep. Michele Bachmann… Continue Reading →

Gay Marriage Passes in NY

What a bunch of fools. They cheer the downfall of a once great civilization. The Politico reports: Striking what advocates believe is a historic victory for gay rights, the New York state senate Friday approved same-sex marriage, New York a… Continue Reading →

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