Pro-lifers in New York held a prayer vigil outside a Brooklyn abortuary so, of course, pro-choice protestors protested the protest. Does that make sense? The Brooklyn Pro-Choice Network called in a few nutty groups like Church Ladies for Choice and the Rude Mechanical Orchestra to scream, chant, and “play” musical instruments to drown out the pro-lifers and yell insults at the local bishop.

I gotta’ tell you it’s a pretty sad turnout from the pro-aborts (which actually seems a bit like a homosexual rally if you ask me. I’m not sure I understand why homosexuals would care about keeping abortion legal.) Anyway, they sing songs with words like “Jesus loves the white man’s penis” and “Who do you think you are Mr. Bishop?”

So I caution you, this is pretty offensive.

This video despite being disgusting actually gives me great confidence for the future of the pro-life cause. When you compare the fresh smiling faces at the March for Life to this debacle I think things look pretty good for pro-lifers.