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Month February 2012

Columnist: Mullah Santorum May Lead to Beheading

Have you noticed that so many of the pieces written against Rick Santorum aren’t really about Santorum’s views. So often what you hear is disbelief and horror that Santorum actually believes in his Catholciism. Richard Cohen’s latest column is a… Continue Reading →

Santorum: JFK’s Faith Speech Makes Me Wanna Throw Up

This is exactly why a lot of folks love Rick Santorum and why many fear he’s too honest to be a succesful presidential candidate. Rick Santorum on Sunday said President Kennedy’s famous 1960 speech pledging to keep Pope and politics… Continue Reading →

Nationalizing Catholic Healthcare

This is a battle that the Obama administration has picked on purpose and the reason may be becoming clear. As everyone knows, the ultimate goal of progressives is to have a single monolithic healthcare system run by monolithic progressives. Obama… Continue Reading →

PETA Less Efficient than Planned Parenthood

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals reportedly killed more than 95 per cent of animals in its care last year at a Virginia shelter, a shocking new report states. So PETA says they’re for the protection of animals but… Continue Reading →

“Ethicists” Endorse Ater Birth Abortions

In the Journal of Medical Ethics, two ethicists argue plainly for the killing of babies post birth. They’re not hedging their bets. They’re saying it plain and simple. And I, for one, thank them for it. Alberto Giubilini and Francesca… Continue Reading →

Of Alternate Universes And Zombies

There is something about sci-fi and the Catholic mind. I have two TV shows that I really enjoy right now. I think Fringe is one of the best shows on TV. The other show, the Walking Dead, while it has… Continue Reading →

Wyoming May Buy Its Own Aircraft Carrier?

This is the oddest news I’ve seen all day. Wyoming, in preparation for some kind of doomsday wants to buy an aircraft carrier. I’m not kidding. They want to buy a lot of other stuff but aircraft carrier was the… Continue Reading →

George Will On George Will

George Will, ostensibly commenting on the viability of the current Republican contenders reveals more about himself than he does the race for the nomination. This is the best/worst defense of Santorum I have heard. The problem is not that the… Continue Reading →

Obama Is In Trouble

Via James Pethokoukis Obama might have hit his own ceiling. Obama was neck and neck with John McCain heading into the Lehman collapse in September 2008. Not only did the incumbent Republican Party get blamed for the economic collapse, but… Continue Reading →

Disconnected Logic or Just Lies

I understand that the secularist pro-abortion left is diametrically opposed to pretty much everything I stand for. I get it. But you know what drives me crazy, is that they insult my intelligence while doing so. They constantly try to… Continue Reading →

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