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Month March 2012

Just got Back from the Rally for Religious Freedom!

What a great rally. My five kids and I rallied like it was 1999. We met some really great folks from Generation Life and Cathy Ruse of the Family Research Council who was a great speaker. My four year old… Continue Reading →

That’s Not What Santorum Said

The Romney media office, aka the Drudgereport, blares the headline “SANTORUM: OBAMA PREFERABLE TO ROMNEY” Except, that’s is not what he said and I am fairly sure not what he meant. Here is the quote. Speaking at an event in… Continue Reading →

Casey Anthony Seeking to Get Baptized

Casey Anthony, the mom who pretty much everyone in the country except the 12 people who sat on her jury believe she killed her kid, wants to get baptized. Why? So she can see her kid in heaven. The Examiner… Continue Reading →

Vid: 2 Year Old Dances to Jailhouse Rock

This is just too cute not to put up. The baby is breaking it down Elvis style. HT Viral Footage

Transgender Student Files Complaint After Banned From All-Male Dorm

Here’s a story that details how looney we’ve become as a culture. A chick who says she’s a dude wants to be allowed to be an R.A. in the all male dorm at the University of Miami. The university pretty… Continue Reading →

$4 Gas — The Good Ol Days?

Think $4 gas is bad? What if this turns out to be the good ol’ days? With oil prices remaining stubbornly above the $100 per barrel mark for WTIC, calls for $6 gas in the U.S. as a consequence of… Continue Reading →

Write Your Own HHS Slogan!

The left is big on slogans. They’ve adapted well to the thinking that if it doesn’t fit onto a bumper sticker it’s waaaaay too wonky for ADHD America. So I’m getting ready to head down with the kids to the… Continue Reading →

Rubio Attacks the Catholic Church

Marco Rubio loosed some hardcore bile against the Catholic Church, accusing the Church of cozying up to the Castro regime. The Daily Caller reports: Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that he is “deeply concerned” that the leadership of… Continue Reading →

Parents Leave Children, Fly to Vegas, Face Charges

The Chicago Tribune reports that child endangerment charges have been filed against an Uptown couple accused of flying to Las Vegas and leaving their two children, 12 and 9, home alone for nearly two days, police said. I’m thinking –… Continue Reading →

Mitt’s Etch-a-Sketch Politics

This is exactly the kind of thing that scares the heck out of me about Mitt Romney. I’m thinking Mitt’s advisor here on CNN is telling the truth when he says that everything Mitt says in the primary is written… Continue Reading →

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