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Month December 2012

Thank God my Kids are in Catholic School

Over the Christmas break, free condom dispensers will be placed in many Philadelphia public high schools. Half the schools in Philly don’t teach the kids to read or write but they’ll sure tell them that you can have sex without… Continue Reading →

CMR Wishes Everyone a Merry and Blessed Christmas

*subhead*Reason for the season.*subhead*

Hey Santa, Why Reindeer?

You ever wonder why Santa would choose reindeer over so many other animals? Here’s why. *subhead*Boom.*subhead*

Dawkins: Being Raised Catholic Worse than Child Abuse

Just in time for Christmas!!! Infamous atheist Richard Dawkins is going negative on Catholicism on Al Jazeera. Speaking truth to power, huh? If Dawkins had even an ounce of testosterone you’d think maybe he would’ve called out Islam right there… Continue Reading →

If You Read Just One Pro Gun Article, Read This

I don’t care if you are pro-gun or think that all guns should be confiscated immediately. If you are at all interested in why good people support gun ownership, read this article. Before you have one more conversation about gun… Continue Reading →

Speaker Ryan?

Could it really be or wishful thinking? Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House. *subhead*Really?*subhead*

Notre Dame to Lead March for Life

The University of Notre Dame Right to Life Club has received the honor of leading the annual March for Life on January 25, which this year observes the 40th anniversary of the legalization of abortion handed down in the Roe… Continue Reading →

Republicans Are The Most Inept Species Ever

Just when you thought it could not get more feeble and more embarrassing, it did. Republicans, notably John Boehner, manage to turn the jaws of defeat into the jaws of defeat and getting pantsed by the girl you though was… Continue Reading →

Those Besides Kids Who Love Christmas for Completely Selfish Reasons

Christmas is the season of unselfishness and love. But let’s face it, there’s plenty of folks who probably love Christmas for completely selfish reasons. Among them may just be: Josh Groban. Let’s face it. Precious few people want to hear… Continue Reading →

New Worst Pageant Answer Ever?

I will tell you who the happiest person is today. Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina 2007. You may remember her as giving the worst pageant answer ever. Well, ever ended yesterday as Miss Venezuela from Miss Universe may have… Continue Reading →

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