Just when you thought it could not get more feeble and more embarrassing, it did.

Republicans, notably John Boehner, manage to turn the jaws of defeat into the jaws of defeat and getting pantsed by the girl you though was your girlfriend right in the middle of the playground.

After weeks of embarrassing negotiating retreat and then staking out ground based neither based on principle or politics, and then making bold predictions on how you had the votes, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, could not even muster the troops to support it. The vote is now cancelled.

The State Department of Personnel Security just sent a short note to Boehner that simply said “You Suck at your job.”

On Thursday night, House Speaker John Boehner revealed to the press that β€œPlan B” did not have enough support, and therefore the anticipated Thursday vote on the United States House of Representatives’ floor would not take place.

It really does not matter. There is not the political will among anybody in Washington, least of all the Republicans, to do anything meaningful about spending or debt. They are negotiating on whether we go belly up in April of 2015 or June. It really doesn’t matter.

A pox on all of them. Let them embarrass themselves.