Just in time for Christmas!!!

Infamous atheist Richard Dawkins is going negative on Catholicism on Al Jazeera. Speaking truth to power, huh? If Dawkins had even an ounce of testosterone you’d think maybe he would’ve called out Islam right there on Al Jazeera. But no. Mr. Brave goes after the religion that turns the other cheek.

In this interview he actually says that being raised Catholic is actually worse than child abuse.

The Daily Mail reports:

In typically incendiary style, Professor Dawkins said the mental torment inflicted by the religion’s teachings is worse in the long-term than any sexual abuse carried out by priests.

He said he had been told by a woman that while being abused by a priest was a ‘yucky’ experience, being told as a child that a Protestant friend who died would ‘roast in Hell’ was more distressing.

Last night politicians and charities condemned the former Oxford professor’s views as attention-seeking and unhelpful.

Attention seeking?!!! What?! Not Dawkins!!!

It tells you all you need to know about this lunatic that all he can muster for actual child abuse is to call it “yucky” but saves his real ire for Catholicism.