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Month December 2012

Christmas Gift Idea: A Jacket and Luggage in One

Would you have to check yourself at the airport? A jacket and luggage in one. But I’ve got to wonder why aren’t these people wearing pants? *subhead*Put it on the list.*subhead*

Dem Says “Testerone Laden” Gun Rights Advocates Have “Blood on their Hands”

OK. Did he really mean to say this? Democrat congressman Jim Hines said that the only thing that stands in the way of gun control is “testosterone laden” people like Rick Perry. What? Uh, Jim. Something you wanna’ tell us?… Continue Reading →

Les Miz or Django Unchained?

On Christmas day, two movies come out. Les Miserable and Django Unchained. In one, you have a story of redemption. The other is a story of revenge. With a big body count. This is a clear choice that will show… Continue Reading →

Media Finds Nuns It Doesn’t Like

The media have essentially become groupies for nuns, where everything they say is huzzahed and hoorahed as speaking truth to power. Essentially, nuns are the new Fr. Richard McBrien. Well, certain kinds of nuns. You know, the ones who talk… Continue Reading →

Anglican School Teacher to Change from Mr. to Mrs. Over Christmas Break, Welcomed Back

A male teacher in a Church of England elementary school is coming back as a female teacher over Christmas break. And he’s got the “full support” of the school. I’m wondering what would happen if one of the teachers came… Continue Reading →

Exorcist Gabriel Amorth on Gay Marriage, Abortion

John Barry’s blog has the full q and a with exorcist Gabriel Amorth but I thought this part was especially interesting. Question: If two gay people love each other why can they can not marry? Father Amorth: Dear children, God… Continue Reading →

The Catholic Position On Gun Control Should Be…

I want you to remember something in the coming weeks and months. Sometimes good Catholics disagree. How I wish there was more quiet time, more time to grieve, before political bloodletting followed upon actual bloodletting. We no longer have room… Continue Reading →

Anglican Vicars to Defy Gay Marriage Ban?

Oh my. Certain Anglicans, in their quest to be oh-so modern, seem hell bent on making themselves extinct. I’m almost starting to think that this is all a nefarious Catholic plot to destroy the Anglican Church. But it’s not. It’s… Continue Reading →

Westboro Baptist to Picket Sandy Hook Funerals. Don’t Give Them What They Want

Westboro Baptist Church, those nuts who protest at funerals, have just announced that they’re going to picket the funerals of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Hey media, stop giving these jerks what they want. Show some restraint…. Continue Reading →

High School Tortures Kids with Bieber to Donate $$$

A high school near Chicago has been playing Justin Bieber’s hit song “Baby” which may be the worst and most annoying song ever and has said that they’ll only stop playing it at every period break if the kids pony… Continue Reading →

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