A male teacher in a Church of England elementary school is coming back as a female teacher over Christmas break. And he’s got the “full support” of the school.

I’m wondering what would happen if one of the teachers came back as a Christian, that probably wouldn’t be acceptable.

The Daily Mail reports:

A Church of England Primary school has written to parents to explain that a male teacher will be returning after Christmas as a woman.

St Mary Magdalen’s School in Accrington have asked pupils to address Nathan Upton as Miss Lucy Meadows from the start of the Spring term.

Karen Hardman, the head teacher at the school, said Mr Upton, who will also be dressing as a woman, has her full support.

Parents were informed of the decision at the bottom of a school letter, after a number of other retirement announcements and class room changes.

It is understood Mr Upton has been teaching at the 185-pupil Devonshire Street school for at least three years.

Mr Upton has asked for his privacy to be respected, saying it had not been an easy decision to make.

Headteacher Karen Hardman said she realised that the issues was ‘bound to arouse interest’.

But she added: ‘This is a personal matter for our staff member, who has our full support, and we are all working together to ensure it has the least impact on the smooth running of our school.’

Come on. Should she really have said “staff member” here? I’m thinking she should choose her words more carefully, don’t you?

It’s a good thing this kind of thing happening at a Christian school won’t confuse the kids at all, huh?

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