Oh my. Certain Anglicans, in their quest to be oh-so modern, seem hell bent on making themselves extinct.

I’m almost starting to think that this is all a nefarious Catholic plot to destroy the Anglican Church. But it’s not. It’s just Anglicans destroying Anglicanism. And their slow-motion suicide simply highlights the strength and constancy of the Catholic Church.

The UK Telegraph reports:

Leading Anglican campaigners have warned that Government plans to exempt the Church from the new legislation will lead to hundreds of homosexual clergy and worshippers marrying in Quaker and Unitarian services and then returning to the Church.

In a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, dozens of clergy, including Lord Harries, the former Bishop of Oxford, today urge homosexual Anglicans to follow this course of action.

“Until the Church of England allows us to solemnise same-sex marriages in our churches, as a matter of pastoral expediency we will counsel lesbian and gay members of our congregations to marry in those churches willing to celebrate faithful same-sex relationships,” the letter, which is also signed by scores of lay members of the Church, states.

The 150 signatories warn: “If the bill is enacted in its present form, in 2014 married lesbian and gay Anglicans, lay and ordained, will be worshipping and ministering in parishes of the Church of England.”

I don’t think protests and civil disobedience is very effective on God. They can conduct a sit-in. But perhaps they should just kneel instead.