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Month September 2013

Methodist Church Sign: Jesus Had Two Dads and He Turned Out Just Fine

Pastor Bill Campbell of St. John’s United Methodist Church, put up a church sign saying, “Jesus Had Two Dads and He Turned Out Just Fine.” According to The Tennesean, “he didn’t expect much of a response.” I’ll just be honest… Continue Reading →

High School Kept Dead Baby in Jar

A high school in Florida used a dead baby preserved in a jar for at least a decade. WTF? A teacher discovered a jar in a paper bag in a cabinet upon returning from summer vacation, according to The Daily… Continue Reading →

McAuliffe Silent on Abortion, Media Too

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe continually refuses to articulate his own position on the issue. Why? Because he knows that to do so would hurt his electoral chances. And he knows the media will demonize his opponent Ken Cuccinelli for… Continue Reading →

American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran Writes Letter to Daughter for her Birthday

This is just heartbreaking. An American pastor Saeed Abedini, who left Iran in 2005, was arrested last year for proselytizing Christianity and building orphanages in his native country just days before he was set to return to his wife and… Continue Reading →

Pope Francis Did What I Didn’t

A man I know said to me yesterday that I must be outraged about what Pope Francis is saying. I inwardly rolled my mind’s eye. Let me just tell you who this guy is. He’s a professed non-believer. A former… Continue Reading →

Saint John Cantius, Restoring the Sacred

I have been with my family to this beautiful Church. Amazing. *subhead*Amazing.*subhead*

Stephen Hawking Wants to Create an Afterlife

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking says that currently the afterlife is “a fairy tale for people afraid of the dark.” But don’t worry he thinks science can create one. “I think the brain is like a program in the mind, which… Continue Reading →

Must read. Abp Chaput on Pope Francis’ Interview

Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia wrote about what’s come to be known as THE INTERVIEW. His words are illuminating and, I think, important. Some people grasped at the interview like a lifeline – or a vindication. One person praised the Holy… Continue Reading →

Check Out This Headline About Pope Francis

This is a pretty crazy headline from a major newspaper. Could you think of any other major religion which would be treated like this? Exit question: Is the Philadelphia Daily News suggesting that glibness is the exclusive domain of conservatives?… Continue Reading →

Cute Overload!!!

Seriously, this is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. And you have to watch it all the way. The Setup: Ames, 32, and his family are currently living in a small village near Innsbruck, Austria, where he… Continue Reading →

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