A high school in Florida used a dead baby preserved in a jar for at least a decade. WTF?

A teacher discovered a jar in a paper bag in a cabinet upon returning from summer vacation, according to The Daily Caller. The unborn baby’s age was estimated to be about 16 and 19 weeks with eyes and toes clearly visible.

“A former child development teacher no longer at the school advised the product in question was used by her for over a decade as a teaching tool,” said a school district representative in a statement. “It was given to her by a retiring science teacher who had used it in the classroom for an unknown number of years.”

It’s not clear how the science teacher came into possession of a well-preserved human fetus. WBBH notes that Florida does not restrict the sale or purchase of human tissue for research purposes.

Obviously, high school courses such as life skills and child development hardly qualify as research.

So a dead baby in a jar has been used in classrooms for at least a decade and nobody knows anything about it? Don’t you think that would’ve caused a little hubbub in the hallways? Don’t you think the tenth graders would’ve been chatting about seeing something like that? Come on. Give me a break here.

Who keeps a dead baby in a jar to show it to children?