Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe continually refuses to articulate his own position on the issue.

Why? Because he knows that to do so would hurt his electoral chances. And he knows the media will demonize his opponent Ken Cuccinelli for being pro-life but leave McAuliffe completely alone on the issue even though he’s a complete radical who would wear pom-poms made of dead babies if it meant more donations.

In fact, when he was asked directly by The Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack about his position on taxpayer funded abortion on demand, Terry McAuliffe commented about the weather.

TWS: Mr. McAuliffe, do you think it’s unfair the way Ken Cuccinelli has characterized your position on that issue–that you support taxpayer-funding of abortion up until the moment of birth?

MCAULIFFE: It’s a beautiful day out today, huh?

McAuliffe’s campaign recently told Politico that a new ad from the Virginia Principles Fund exposing McAuliffe’s radical support for taxpayer funding of abortion on demand was “false,” but did not point to a single inaccuracy. He can get away with that because he knows the media will not press him on this.

Here’s the ad that nothing in particular is wrong with:

McAuliffe also promised to use a “guidance opinion” (whatever that is) to help existing abortion facilities (where more than 80 violations have been discovered) skirt health and safety standards. Nobody even knows what he means by a guidance option but what it actually means is that he’ll allow abortionists to operate like Virginia was just one big back alley with mountains.

McAuliffe has not mentioned even one case in which he would protect the life of an unborn child.

Voters deserve to know.

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