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Month November 2013

Bishop Paprocki’s Homily for Prayers of Supplication and Exorcism in Reparation for the Sin of Same-Sex Marriage

You’ve probably read about this. Bishop Paprocki was going to offer prayers of supplication and exorcism in reparation for the sin of same-sex marriage. Depending on where you’ve read you’ve heard it was wonderful, terrible, or hate speech. But Bp…. Continue Reading →

The Town FEMA Turned Down

This is a fascinating article about a town that FEMA has turned down for Sandy aid because of its religious foundation. They will not be satisfied until every bit of public religion is wiped from view. It is not enough… Continue Reading →

A Funny Catholic Meme

I’m not a coffee guy and I don’t make with the hooch. But I still found it kinda’ funny. Hey, we all need help to be better Catholics. HT Catholic Memes *subhead*Funny.*subhead*

Hilariously, Science Mag Declares Virgin Birth Unlikely

Well, call it all off. Forget the whole Virgin birth thing. Totally didn’t happen. Science says so. Pop Sci reports: Virgin birth, known to scientists as parthenogenesis, appears to be rather common in the animal kingdom. Many insects and other… Continue Reading →

Cool Commercials

Here are some very cool commercials. The first is an advert, in the form of a very short film, for the Irish Whiskey Tullamore Dew. I think it is very well done. ht to Deacon Greg. The second is a… Continue Reading →

Don’t Lie To Me

There is no shortage of punditry and spin these days associated with President Obama’s policy and popularity crash. Many people would like you to believe that Obama is merely unpopular at the moment because of the ‘rough start’ to Obamacare…. Continue Reading →

Heartbroken over Albuquerque

Voters in New Mexico‚Äôs largest city of Albuquerque yesterday soundly defeated a ban on late-term abortions. And it just breaks my heart. Think about it. People had the opportunity to vote to protect unborn children who are old enough to… Continue Reading →

Greatest Thanksgiving Story…Ever!

Hey, the holidays make everyone a little crazy, right? This should seriously be a Hallmark Thanksgiving special. You just have to read this. Good for the Channel 3000 reporter for writing it up so perfectly: Two groups of women were… Continue Reading →

Reason #1 Why My Kids Are Not On Social Media

Jack Vale explains it all. When you over-share, no telling who is watching. *subhead*Not cool.*subhead*

Obama Omits “God” from Gettysburg Address

This is unbelievable. By unbelievable I mean absolutely predictable and not surprising at all. But still kinda’ horrifying when one truly grasps the sickness that motivates the leader of the free world. Here’s President Obama was asked to read the… Continue Reading →

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