This is unbelievable. By unbelievable I mean absolutely predictable and not surprising at all. But still kinda’ horrifying when one truly grasps the sickness that motivates the leader of the free world.

Here’s President Obama was asked to read the Gettysburg Address. All the living presidents as well as many others were doing the same thing and Ken Burns, the documentarian, was going to mash them all up together. But here’s the one Obama taped. In his recitation, Obama omits the words “under God.”

This is interesting in that Obama has regularly removed mentions of God from our country’s founding documents.

Some may argue that earlier drafts of the Address didn’t contain the words “Under God” but that’s just blather because later drafts did so it doesn’t matter what earlier drafts stated. And when asked to give a copy of what he said at Gettysburg, Lincoln wrote it down with the words “under God.” The words “under God” are on the Lincoln Memorial as well.

But Obama deleted them. Is it any surprise that the president who has done more to narrow the understanding of religious freedom in this country seemingly seeks to excise God from our founding documents?

Even Senator Chuck Schumer keeps God in the address.

CBS’s Bob Schieffer even says it correctly.

I would say there’s an absolutely zero percent chance that Obama redacting God was a mistake but seeing how bad they’re messing up a website, the economy, foreign relations, security, and pretty much everything else I’m willing to accept that perhaps there’s a .00001 chance that this was a mess up.