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Month November 2013

In Which Matt Gets Totally Emasculated

This is a pretty funny story…if you’re not named Matt Archbold. I coach pretty much every sport for our township. My wife also coaches the Varsity girls basketball team for our Catholic school. It’s fun to do with the kids…. Continue Reading →

Mormon Has Pope Envy

A Mormon woman is saying that she wishes the Mormons had a pope. And not just any pope. She’s jonesing for some Pope Francis. Well, here’s the thing. He can be your pope too. RCIA classes are starting all the… Continue Reading →

Singer Ariana Grande Explains the Crazy Stupid Reasons She Left the Catholic Faith

The singer/actress Ariana Grande delivered a solid performance at the AMA’s last night. Grande was raised Catholic. I know that most of you don’t even know who she is but what she said recently to the press I found intriguing… Continue Reading →

Something Rotten In Denmark

This is the funniest/creepiest story of the day. Say you are a Danish Royal and you commision the first Royal Family portrait in 125 year and you got this back? Dude. Landing a commission to paint the portrait of a… Continue Reading →

Judge: Tax Break for Clergy is Unconstitutional

I expected this. I mean, come on. We all expected this. I’m not sure I expected it this week but we all knew it was coming eventually. Specifically, a federal district court judge who I believe is a Jimmy Carter… Continue Reading →

Come With Me If You Want To Live

Fools. It starts with robotic mules, but it doesn’t end there. *subhead*Rise of the machines.*subhead*

The Care And Feeding Of Traditionalists

There have been some subtle changes to the trajectory of Pope Francis’ papacy that help me breathe a little easier. After two breathless months of interviews, reactions, counter-reactions, joy, hand-wringing, and media-hype it seems that the Pope is trying to… Continue Reading →

Beautiful Vid About a Mother’s Love for a Premature Baby

This is six minutes long. I know that breaks pretty much every interweb rule about posting videos because the average American’s focus time is about thirty eight seconds. After that we start looking for snacks. But it’s absolutely worth it…. Continue Reading →

Is This Frescoe Proof of Womynpriests?

A newly restored catacomb in Rome has a number of frescoes that some are pointing to as evidence of womynpriests in the early Church. It’s not. But that’s not stopping them from pointing to it. Reuters reports: Organizations promoting a… Continue Reading →

City Creates Buffer Zone Around Planned Parenthood. And a Great Non-Judgmental Judgmental Quote

The City Council of Portland has created a 39 foot buffer around a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. The buffer zone was created in response to a weekly protest in which women going in to the clinic felt “intimidated and harassed.”… Continue Reading →

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